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Welcome to the Library!


We developed the Prota Financial Library to help you on your quest to eliminate confusion, build a financial plan, and grow your wealth.

Here you will find not only how-to articles, but also guides, factsheets, and other informative content.

Finance is a complicated topic, with lots of math, reading, and a maze of regulations that can either work for you or against you.

In our firm, we’ve found that our best clients are the ones who ask questions. Sometimes because they don’t understand something, and sometimes to check that they are hearing what they thought they heard.

In all cases, we welcome those questions, and further, strongly recommend to everyone (whether a client or not), make sure you understand what you are doing with your investments before you do it! We’ve had too many people come to us *after* they made a mistake because of a lack of understanding. Hopefully this site will help you avoid that situation.

So enjoy the content, and reach out to us with questions, whether the topic is retirement, 401Ks, college savings, contribution limits, or anything else.

Best regards & happy planning!

Mark & Bryan